Outpatient Management of HIV Infection, Fourth Edition (2011)

The newest edition of the critically acclaimed Outpatient Management of HIV Infection presents a complete global examination of the complications, diagnoses, and management of HIV infections.
The latest treatment strategies recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are presented to guide health professionals involved in the care and treatment of HIV and high risk patients.
This comprehensive guide informs specialists working in the field of the most recent developments in:
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  • the global epidemic of HIV/AIDS
  • strategies for resource-deprived areas such as Africa and Asia
  • expansion and routinization of HIV testing in the US
  • the aging HIV-infected population, and the medical, social, and related issues that confront them and their healthcare providers
  • care of the active injection drug-using patient
  • co-infection in patients with tuberculosis or viral hepatitis
  • emerging complications of HIV infections and their corresponding diagnostic and treatment guidelines
  • strategies for developing an interdisciplinary HIV care team
  • user-friendly drug dosage tables, including side effects, indications, and drug interactions
The book is a compendium of successful strategies used by clinicians across the globe.
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